How to fix android auto google maps automatic day/night mode not working


Users who have recently updated Google Maps may encounter a problem with the Color Scheme not switching automatically when using Android Auto.

Theoretically, by setting Google Maps and Android Auto, users can realize three Color Schemes Mode for Google Maps in Head-Unit, namely automatic, Day and Night.

However, after many users updated Google Maps, Color Scheme got out of hand.  Some users have their map stuck in night mode, some inday mode.  No matter which mode it is stuck in, it is a security hazard for users.  If it works in Night mode during the day, users may not see the map clearly.  If it works in Day mode at night, it can be too distracting for the user. 


The cause of the failure to switch automatically

According to the feedback from many users, it can be confirmed that the culprit of Android Auto Google Maps Night mode not working is Google Maps. The most problematic versions of Google Maps are 11.33.0 and 11.33.1. All users running theses either version of Google Maps are likely to be stuck in Dark mode or Light Mode


The solution

  • Restore Google Maps to factory defaults.

Setting > Apps and notifications > sell all apps > Google Maps > Uninstall updates
And set Google Maps to not update automatically.
  • Remove Google Maps and reinstall the older version

You may not be able to delete Google Maps directly. You can replace the current version of Google Maps by downloading an older version of APK from a third-party site and installing it.
  • Turn on and off headlights/dashboard lights

If you're all set to switch color scheme mode automatically, turning the headlights/dashboard lights on and off will force Google Maps to switch to the correct mode. But you face the same problem every time you re-use Android Auto.


In the Google community, a team member of Android Auto said the issue had been forwarded to team, but did not say when a fix would be available. Hopefully, android Auto Google Maps Automatic Day/Night Mode not working can be solved in the latest version of Google Maps.


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