Best Portable Apple CarPlay Display - V30/V30S - V30S - Aoocci
Best Portable Apple CarPlay Display - V30/V30S - V30 - Aoocci
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Aoocci V30(S) Smart Portable Apple CarPlay Display GPS Navigation

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Style: V30


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CarPlay & Android Auto on the Go (Easy)

Give your car a modern makeover with the best portable Apple CarPlay solution! This portable Apple CarPlay screen works with Android Auto too, so you can ditch clunky built-in systems. It connects wirelessly for a safer, more enjoyable ride. Enjoy GPS navigation, music, calls, and more with Siri voice control – all on a portable Apple CarPlay device. Search terms like "best portable wireless Apple CarPlay" might bring you here!

Mirror Your Phone, Safe App Sharing

Upgrade your in-car experience with a portable Apple CarPlay device! This handy unit lets you share mobile app functions like navigation, music, and calls on a larger screen. Focus on the road while keeping your phone safe. Works with CarPlay & Android Auto for ultimate convenience. Search terms like "best portable CarPlay screen" or "portable wireless Apple CarPlay" might lead you here!

ADAS Warning Systems (Only V30S)

Juggling navigation, music, and keeping an eye on the road can be overwhelming. This portable CarPlay device has built-in ADAS to ease your stress! These systems utilize sensors, cameras, and other technologies to monitor the vehicle's surroundings and promptly alert the driver to potentially hazardous situations.

  • Lane Departure Warning System (LOWS)
  • Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS)
  • Front Vehicle Departure Warning (FVDW) (Optional)(Note: FVDW requires GPS support)

Split Screen Display Mode

This portable CarPlay device goes beyond the basics! The large 10.26‘’ IPS touchscreen supports several split-screen modes, allowing the driver to change the display according to his or her driving habits.

  • Recorder image and Carplay interface split screen display
  • 2 cameras display a 1:1 ratio in full screen
  • Front/Rear camera, Carplay display in full screen

Dual Channel Recording

Drive with peace of mind knowing you've got your back (and front!) covered. This portable CarPlay device features a dual-camera system: a super sharp 4K front camera and a crisp 1080p rear camera. Capture stunning details in vivid color, day or night. Plus, the wider viewing angle helps you see more and maneuver safely.

Mobile App Interconnection

This portable CarPlay device goes beyond recording. With built-in Wi-Fi, you can instantly connect to the free mobile app and witness your drives in real-time straight from your phone! No cellular data needed. Download and save your favorite clips to share the excitement of the road with friends and family. The steps are as follows:

  1. Download the software Roadcam on your mobile phone.
  2. Connect V30 or V30S built-in WIFI.
  3. Watch the real-time recording of the dash cam.
  4. Select the desired videos and images and click download to complete.

Shooting Wide Angle 170 °

The ultra-wide view angles of the 170° front camera and 140° rear camera give you a more intuitive view of the road conditions, reducing the trouble caused by visually blind areas, and expanding driving vision to ensure driving safety.

Mirror Link

The best portable CarPlay screen realizes Apple AirPlay and Android Autolink through the WIFI connection of the mobile phone. In this mode, the screen projection of the mobile phone can be realized, and the screen page of the mobile phone can be enlarged in equal proportion.But please note that the portable CarPlay unit cannot control the phone page in this mode.

GPS Navigation + Tracking

It addresses Dashboard's lack of comprehensive built-in apps and app updates. For example, navigation application maps cannot be updated in time and a single software cannot cover all regions.In addition, the global satellite positioning system accurately records your driving trajectory. You can view your speed, coordinates, and map track in detail.

Note: Please connect the GPS accessory if you need to apply the tracking feature. (It has been equipped for you free of charge.)

Wireless FM + Wired AUX

The portable Apple CarPlay screen is connected to the player through the FM transmitter, and the connection channel does not conflict with the BT channel. FM transmitter is used to synchronize your car audio. You only need to adjust the FM of the dash cam and the FM of the car player to the same channel to achieve audio synchronization. It also connects to the AUX of the car through the AUX cable to realize audio synchronization.The portable CarPlay monitor is connected to the Car Player through the FM transmitter or AUX cable connection, and these channels do not conflict with the BT channel, to realize the mobile phone, dashcam, and car player three in one.

DVR Loop Recording

When this feature is turned on, the memory card is full and the oldest video will be overwritten automatically by the newly recorded video without any operation. However, videos under special conditions will not be overwritten, such as G-sensor, and parking monitoring.

G-Shock Sensor

3-Axis G-Sensor senses sudden acceleration, braking, and collisions in order to automatically capture and protect critical footage surrounding an accident. Through this function, the important files won't be removed by loop recording.

24H Parking Monitoring

This function can operate your car intelligently all the time, automatically save relevant evidence videos for you, and provide maximum protection for your property safety.Note: If you need 24 Hour Parking Monitoring, please install the ACC Step-down wire. (It has been equipped for you free of charge.)

Astern Auxiliary Line

In Auto Reverse mode, it switches to the Reverse Camera Backup Reference Line with Parking to ensure your reversing is safer and smoother.

4-Cores Chip & Quick on Start (Only V30S)

The portable Apple CarPlay radio adopts the top quad-core chip. Each core in the quad-core chip works together to perform specific tasks to ensure that the process is completed faster and more efficiently. In practical operation, the system realizes a fast boot in 3 seconds and solves the problem of a slow boot of the same type.

3 Installation Methods (Only V30S)

The portable CarPlay screen for car comes with a default stand for sticking to your car's center console deck. If your car's center console panel is curved, the mounting option of the suction holder fixed to your car's dashboard or windscreen can be used for better results. Either way, it's easy to install and space-saving. Please be assured that we have equipped the suction holder for you free of charge.

  • Dashboard Mounting
  • Windscreen Mounting
  • Telescopic Regulation

In the box

V30S Package

1* display with camera

1* Car charger,

1* Stand Bracket

1* Sucker Holder

1* GPS cable

1* AUX cable

1* ACC cable

1* Rear camera with a cable

1* User manual

1* Pair of screws

(Note: Not include TF card)

V30 Package

1* display with camera

1* Car charger

1* GPS cable

1* AUX cable

1* ACC cable

1* Rear camera with a cable

1* User manual

1* Pair of screws

(Note: Not include TF card)


AOOCCI Portable CarPlay Screen
Does my car support the portable Apple CarPlay display?

This portable CarPlay display can fit in most car.

How to split the screen on the best wireless CarPlay screen?

Slide the CarPlay screen right to switch the preview mode: front view, rear view, split-screen view.

Can I screen mirror on the best portable CarPlay screen?

Yes, through the WiFi connection, you can effortlessly screen mirror on the portable CarPlay screen, enhancing your display experience.

Can I track my car with Apple CarPlay?

Yes, you can install the GPS wire to track your car.

Will the portable CarPlay display overheat?

No, the portable carplay display is stored up to about 75°C.

Do Dashcams damage the battery?

24h parking monitoring is from the battery power, free equipped with the buck line (ACC) is a low-voltage protection function, in the car battery is lower than 11.8V will automatically cut off the power, to protect the battery, not to the battery power all depleted, will not destroy the car battery!

Do Dashcams run out of memory?

Our Dashcams have a loop recording function, which means that when the storage space is low, it will overwrite the oldest footage for recording.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Raveen K. (New Delhi, IN)
Review of V30S

Very useful device, especially for previous generation cars that are not equipped with modern day Infotainment Systems offering Apple Car Play/Android Auto etc

The Best part is that the Device performs multiple functions such as Navigation, Dash Cam, Guidance for Reversing, and basic level of ADAS audio visual alerts .

Even though my Car is equipped with an Android device, I still ordered the V30S for use mainly for Navigation by mounting it directly in the Driver's LOS so that he doesn't have to take his eyes off the road. (See the Photo/Video attached)

In summary it is a very useful and user friendly device.

Akshay C. (Hyderabad, IN)
Good product

A great product for old generation cars easy to install and very user friendly product . Instead of changing your old system can upgrade to this product .

Ariv (Mumbai, IN)
Excellent device, must have

I ordered this device V30S, got it delivered in about 12 days, very nicely constructed, the camera quality was quite good, I was impressed with the reverse camera feature of being able to increase the FOV while swiping the screen. Android auto connects seamlessly and is fluid. Overall happy with the purchase experience and thanks for making a great product

Hasan B. (Chennai, IN)
Excellent product

For the first time I bought a wonderful dash cam with so many advanced features at this price range. Even if you spend several lakhs of money to buy a car, it doesn't have features like these. I am very satisfied for purchasing this dash cam. I wanted to buy V30S but wrongly placed for V30 and immediately I contacted them to change the model. The people are giving excellent service to their customer. They immediately responded and I received the immediate solution from them. Especially Judy named person gave me a excellent service. I will update again after using this product.

NG -.f.I. (Nagpur, IN)
Amazing product!!

Bought this after reading youtube reviews.
Online buying experience-great
Shipping-great (got my product in India in 10 days)
Quality-great ( screen size and touch sensitivity is super, wires and other connectors feel solid)
User manual and process of connection is straightforward
Overall- 5*
If you are fine to see some wires on the dashboard go for this product. More important is this is portable- u can take it to your other cars when needed.

George T. (Kochi, IN)

Good product.. ❤️👍

S.J. (Bhubaneswar, IN)
Excellent product... 👍

Very useful device...💜

Devanand N.s. (Thiruvananthapuram, IN)

Good product

Sarbpreet S. (Ludhiana, IN)

I just received this item at my office in Punjab, India. I haven't installed it yet in my car. But it's quality is just awesome, & the product is the same as shown in the picture. rest of the things I 'll discuss later on after installing it in my car. I received it almost in two weeks.

Atul M. (Bengaluru, IN)
It's perfect

The device is working in perfect condition. I received the device in around 14 days and I was very much skeptical about the delivery but I received it without any issues. I've installed the device with rear camera as well as gps and it's integrated in a perfect manner with my car. Now, my car also has a smart infotainment system. Thanks to AOOCCI.