About Aoocci

Follow your passion, and success will follow you

We are committed to elevating your driving experience. Aoocci specializes in car upgraded interconnection solutions, including CarPlay screens, dash cams, wireless CarPlay/Android Auto adapters, car stereos, and a variety of accessories.

Company History

Founded in 2013, Car Smart Box has been dedicated to the integration, research, development, and sales of in-vehicle interconnection smart boxes. Our products provide practical, simple, and intelligent connectivity upgrade solutions.

In December 2023, recognizing the need for strategic evolution, we decided to undergo operational realignment, expanding our services to enhance the functionality of various car devices. Consequently, the name "Car Smart Box" no longer accurately represents our comprehensive product range. Thus, we proudly introduced our registered brand "Aoocci."

While our website's name has changed, our commitment to delivering top-notch products remains steadfast. We welcome individuals or companies interested in our products to connect with us.