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Meilleure caméra de moto, caméra de tableau de bord de moto – C5 Pro

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C5 Pro

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What is Aoocci motorcycle camera?

Aoocci 360° camera acts like a witness for your motorcycle rides, recording everything 24 hours a day with front and rear dash cam. Imagine the security of having clear footage in case of an accident. Aoocci even keeps you entertained on the road with its 5-inch touchscreen that lets you connect wirelessly to your smartphone for navigation, music, and calls via CarPlay or Android Auto! It's like having a co-pilot that boosts safety and fun.

Aoocci C5


5" IPS High Brightness Touch Screen

Ride with confidence! This motorcycle dash cam features a bright, 5-inch screen for clear viewing, even in sunlight. The compact design won't block your view, and the removable sun visor ensures optimal visibility in any condition. Experience a safer, more enjoyable ride.


Dual Camera Front and Rear

Standard helmets are great, but accidents happen fast. Get peace of mind with a 2-channel motorcycle dash cam. Front & rear cameras record everything, 24/7. Crystal-clear footage protects you in case of disputes. Ride with confidence, ride with a dash cam.


1080P High Definition Video

Never miss a thing! Capture your adventures in stunning 1080p HD. Sharp video ensures clear license plates and vivid details, perfect for reliving your rides or providing evidence if needed. Upgrade your motorcycle experience with the Aoocci Dash Cam.


Mobile App Playback

Focus on the road, not your phone! This motorcycle camera connects wirelessly to CarPlay and Android Auto. Access navigation, music, and calls with your phone safely tucked away. Enjoy a safer, more convenient ride without ever needing to take your eyes off the road.


Wireless Carplay & Android Auto

The motorcycle cameras support wireless CarPlay and Android Auto, allowing you to access navigation, music, and communication features wirelessly while on the go. Keep your phone in your pocket and enhance the convenience of your travels.


IPx7 Waterproof

Never let weather stop your ride! This motorcycle camera boasts an IPx7 waterproof design, built to handle rain, dust, and anything the road throws your way. Explore fearlessly, from scorching deserts to snowy mountain passes. This camera is as tough as you are, letting you focus on the adventure.


Motorcycle Dash Cam with GPS

Know exactly where you've been! This motorcycle camera includes built-in GPS, recording your location and speed alongside your ride footage. This is perfect for accident investigation, remembering scenic routes, or simply monitoring your riding habits.


24H Parking Monitor

Park with confidence! This motorcycle camera features 24/7 parking monitoring. Even when your bike is off, the camera keeps watch, recording any activity around it. This provides valuable evidence in case of vandalism or theft, giving you peace of mind wherever you park.



Ride with peace of mind! This motorcycle camera has a built-in G-sensor that automatically detects impacts and saves the video footage. This critical evidence can help you in case of an accident, making handling the situation easier.


Bluetooth and WiFi Connecting

Stay connected! This camera uses Wi-Fi and dual Bluetooth to link to your phone and helmet simultaneously. Enjoy music, calls, and navigation while keeping your eyes on the road.


Tire Pressure Sensor

Ride safe, ride informed! Built-in sensors monitor your tire pressure in real-time, alerting you to any leaks or pressure changes. This helps ensure optimal performance and prevents accidents caused by underinflated tires.


Easy to Install

Get rolling fast! This motorcycle camera features a simple mounting system that works with 98% of motorcycle models. The included bracket kits and tools make installation a breeze, so you can hit the road in no time.

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AOOCCI Motorcycle Camera
What is the best motorcycle camera?

The Aoocci motorcycle camera is undoubtedly the best choice. Equipped with 1080p dual front and rear cameras, it records high-definition videos with clarity, capturing details like license plates.The 5-inch touchscreen allows for easy playback and settings adjustments, and it supports wireless CarPlay and Android Auto features, adding fun to your journey. 

Where to mount camera on motorcycle?
  • Mount the touch screen on the motorcycle handlebars for convenient operation and viewing.
  • Install the front camera near the front of the motorcycle for an unobstructed view of the road.
  • Place the rear camera at the back of the motorcycle to record footage from behind.
Should I put a camera on my motorcycle?

This is a beneficial decision, as installing a camera allows you to document your rides, preserve evidence in case of accidents, and facilitate the insurance claims process. If the camera features parking monitoring, it can also contribute to securing your property.

How to stop camera vibration on motorcycle?

To stop camera vibration on a motorcycle, ensure a stable mount and utilize shock-absorbing materials. Aoocci motorcycle camera C5 Pro features a mount with anti-vibration capabilities for smoother footage.

Customer Reviews

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Yashwant K. (Bengaluru, IN)
Affordable Navigation System with Apple Car play, Android Auto, TPMS, Dash camera

First of all thank you for creating such great product. The product is robust and absolutely bang on buck. I have tried using this without mounting it on my bike and it’s working absolutely fine. The interface is very easy to navigate and also Apple car play is working flawlessly. 1st time connection was also not fussy. I personally loved the product.

Question to the company:
1. over the period of time as Apple iOS is getting updated, similarly the navigation system should also get updates to keep up with android auto and Apple car play.
2. If any of the accessories are lost, then I think we need to wait for same number of days to get the replacement. So I request to add more screws and those accessories for which chances of missing is highly possible.

Motorcycle Camera, Motorcycle Dash Cam - C5 Pro

Dash cam is very nice and I will install it on my motorcycle. Delivery was also prompt, recommend.

Ronak (Mumbai, IN)
Amazing Product

I loved the product, it's really great at this price. Got the delivery on time and faced zero issues while installing.

S.J. (Bhubaneswar, IN)
Good product... 👍

Good product... 👍
Value for money...

Nakul J. (New Delhi, IN)
Good product

I seriously loved the product. Infact got it delivered on time.

Pradnyan M. (Mumbai, IN)
Good product

Value for money.

sadik p.s. (Kochi, IN)
good prodect totaly feeling good quality

am not fitted now but...the prodect is good quality...