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Aoocci Aftermarket LCD Heads Up Display - Compatible with All Cars

Aoocci Aftermarket LCD Heads Up Display - Compatible with All Cars

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What is a multifunctional heads up display?

The multifunctional heads-up display combines OBD and GPS systems, recording gradient and acceleration data while projecting key information into the driver's line of sight. This enhances the overall driving experience and safety with more information and interactivity.


OBD+GPS Dual System

The OBD system can acquire real-time driving data from the vehicle through the OBD interface. And the built-in GPS can compensate for the shortcomings of the OBD system and enable more comprehensive detection of car data.


Built-in Slope Gauge

The system monitors the vehicle in real-time for angles. A slope beyond 30° uphill or downhill triggers a warning, as does a tilt surpassing 40° left or right.

This offers drivers insights into the vehicle's posture during outdoor off-roading and extreme conditions, enhancing driving safety.


Vehicle Accelerometer

Heads up display tracks speed and direction changes for real-time situational awareness, while also highlighting the vehicle's dynamic performance. A higher G value indicates a stronger acceleration system.


Various Alarm System

Adopting an ambient light alarm design, the heads up display will flash red ambient lights as a warning when detecting driving anomalies such as speeding.


13 Style Interfaces

The interface design is clean and smooth, with large and clear fonts. It provides 13 interface options for you to choose from, allowing you to read the information you need most on the display screen.


360° Split Bracket

The bracket can be rotated in all directions to adjust the viewing angle and height. Mounting options are more versatile, with a choice of hanging or center console placement.

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This LCD heads up display is compatible with all car models, including SUV, Mazda, Mercedes, Lexus, Tesla, Honda, BMW, Hyundai, and Ford.

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Customer Reviews

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Works well in my car, I don't need to look down anymore

Beemer k. (Doha, QA)
OBD speedometer!

One of the cheapest and best alternate speedometer. works well in both modes! OBD & GPS. A definite 5 out of 5.