CarPlay for Older Cars - Enhancing Connectivity with Modern Solutions

CarPlay for Older Cars - Enhancing Connectivity with Modern Solutions


  • Advantages of CarPlay in Old Car
  • 3 Ways to Add CarPlay to Older Cars
  • Portable CarPlay Screen by Aoocci
  • How to Install CarPlay Screen in Older Cars
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    Without CarPlay, you might face challenges like navigating, limited app access, safety concerns while driving. But don't worry! Even if your car is old, you can enhance your driving experience with CarPlay through aftermarket installations or upgrades, making it safer, more convenient, and more enjoyable.

    Advantages of CarPlay for Older Cars

    Apple CarPlay and Android Auto offers numerous advantages for older cars, such as enhanced safety features, upgraded connectivity options, modernized entertainment systems, and added convenience. With CarPlay, drivers can seamlessly access navigation, music, phone calls, and messaging functions without distractions, thereby promoting safer driving practices and enhancing overall driving enjoyment.

    3 Ways to Add CarPlay to Older Cars

    1. CarPlay Stereo

    Upgrade your older car stereo system to one that supports Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, providing seamless integration with your smartphone.


    Seamless integration with your car audio system.
    Provides a built-in CarPlay interface for easy access to apps and features.

    Requires professional installation, which may incur additional costs.
    Limited compatibility with models of older cars.

    2. Tablet + Autokit Box

    Utilize an Autokit box to wirelessly connect an Android tablet to your smartphone, enabling CarPlay and Android Auto functionality.


    Compatible with all older cars.
    Offers flexibility by using an existing tablet as the CarPlay interface.
    Generally more affordable compared to installing a CarPlay stereo.

    Requires additional hardware (Autokit box).
    Tablet setup may not provide as polished an experience as a dedicated CarPlay stereo.

    3. Portable CarPlay Screen

    Opt for a portable CarPlay device that can be easily installed and removed from your car, offering flexibility and convenience.


    More affordable compared to CarPlay stereo.
    High compatibility, fits in any car, including older cars.
    Provides CarPlay functionality without the need for permanent installation.

    Limited integration with original vehicle functions compared to built-in systems.

    Overall, each method offers its own set of advantages and drawbacks. Choosing the right option depends on factors such as budget, technical expertise, and desired level of integration with your car's existing system.

    Portable CarPlay Screen by Aoocci

    Aoocci offers a high-quality portable CarPlay screen, allowing older cars owners to enjoy the benefits of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto without the need for extensive modifications. Its wireless connectivity and user-friendly interface make it a popular choice among older cars enthusiasts.

    1. Best Portable CarPlay Display - V30/V30S

    The best CarPlay screen, equipped with front and rear cameras, can be easily mounted on the dashboard or windshield. It supports wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionalities.

    Cars: Compatible with all car models, including older cars without an infotainment system.

    iPhone: Wireless Apple CarPlay is compatible with iPhone 8 and later models running iOS 11.0 and higher.
    Android smartphone: Wireless Android Auto is compatible with smartphones running Android 10.0 and higher.

    ✔ Support Wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

    ✔ ADAS Warning Systems

    ✔ GPS Position

    ✔ Dual Camera Recording

    ✔ 4K + 1080p Shooting

    ✔ 24H Parking Monitor

    ✔ Mobile App Playback

    ✔ Flexible Installation Methods

    2. Portable Carplay Screen - D1026

    The CarPlay screen comes with front and rear cameras, allowing for easy wireless connection to both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.


    Suitable for all car models, even older cars that do not have built-in infotainment systems.

    ✔ Support Wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

    ✔ Dual Camera Recording

    ✔ 4K + 1080p Shooting

    ✔ ADAS Warning Systems

    ✔ Mirror Link

    ✔ Mobile App Playback

    ✔ Loop Recording

    ✔ G-Sensor Emergency Video Lock

    How to Install CarPlay Screen in Older Cars

    1. Purchase a Mountable CarPlay Screen:

    Choose a compatible dashboard screen that fits your older car and supports CarPlay functionality.

    2. Install the CarPlay Screen:

    Follow the manufacturer's instructions to properly install the dashboard screen in your old car, ensuring a secure fit and optimal performance. Typically, it will be mounted on the dashboard or windshield.

    3. Connect to Power:
    Connect the power supply. If the CarPlay screen includes a 24 hour monitoring feature, you may need to install hardware kit

    4. Connect the Screen to Your Smartphone:

    Pair your smartphone with the dashboard screen via Bluetooth or USB connection to activate Apple CarPlay or Android Auto functionality. This allows for seamless integration of your smartphone's features with your older car's infotainment system.


    Apple CarPlay and Android Auto offers older cars owners a convenient solution for bringing modern connectivity features to their rides. Whether you choose which way to add the CarPlay system, staying connected on the road has never been easier. With options like Aoocci portable CarPlay screen, older car enthusiasts can enjoy the benefits of CarPlay without compromising the classic charm of their beloved rides.


    FAQ about CarPlay for Older Cars

    Can I Add Apple CarPlay to an Old Cars?

    Yes, you can add CarPlay to older cars through various aftermarket solutions. These include installing a portable CarPlay device, opting for a CarPlay-compatible stereo unit, or using a CarPlay adapter with a tablet. These options provide a cost-effective way to enjoy the benefits of CarPlay in your older car, enhancing connectivity and convenience while on the road.

    How much does it cost to add Apple CarPlay to an older car?

    The cost varies based on the method you choose. Here are some typical price ranges:
    Portable CarPlay unit: $100 to $300
    DIY with Autokit box: $70 for autokit box + tablet cost
    Car stereo system for older cars: $150 to $1000 + installation fee

    Where can I get CarPlay installed in my car?

    You can visit car audio installation shops, certified car electronics retailers, or some car dealerships to add CarPlay to your car. Alternatively, if you have the expertise or purchase an easy-to-install portable CarPlay device, you can follow the instructions and install it yourself.

    Can I add Apple CarPlay to my older car by myself?

    Yes, depending on the method chosen. Iinstalling a portable CarPlay device or using a tablet with an Autokit box in an old car is feasible for DIY installation. However, installing a CarPlay stereo system may require technical knowledge. Please seek professional help if unsure about DIY installation.

    Can Portable Apple CarPlay Units Work in older Cars?

    Yes, as long as the older car has a compatible charging port. Check the specific unit compatibility before purchasing.


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