The installation process is simple, but it is a bit trouble for people who don’t understand vehicles. The general process is to first open the control panel, then take out the host and connect to our box according to the installation diagram (No need to remove any modules or break any wiring), and finally install the control panel back.

(CSBPO-2) Porsche(PCM4.0) Cayenne/ Macan/ Cayman/ 911/ 718 | 2016-2018 Wireless CarPlay Solution

The main difficulty is that different models have different ways to open the control panel. Therefore, it is recommended that you find a friend or vehicle repair shop who can disassemble the control panel of your model to help you. Of course, we also have a video of the entire installation process for your reference. 

The overall installation steps are as follows. Reminder: Depending on the specific model and the actual situation, some details may be inconsistent.

The following installation steps are for reference only:

1. Disassemble air conditioning panel.

1.Disassemble air conditioning panel Wireless Apple Carplay Smart Box Installation Tutorial

2. Unscrew and take out the head unit.

2.Unscrew and take out the head unit Wireless Apple Carplay Smart Box Installation Tutorial

3. Connect and installation.

3.Connect and installation Wireless Apple Carplay Smart Box Installation Tutorial

Please follow the installation and instruction manual to connect. And set the correct the dip switch which on the back of smart box.

dip switch 3.Connect and installation Wireless Apple Carplay Smart Box Installation Tutorial
  • Take out power cable.
  • Go through all cables to glove box.
  • Disassemble gear panel for AUX cable.
  • Disassemble AUX cable from original AUX input.
  • Lay well adapter cables.
  • Connect well power cable.
  • AUX cable connect with AUDIO-OUT.
  • LCD-IN (connect with head unit).
  • LCD-OUT(connect with original LVDS cable).
  • Microphone installation.
  • ...

Including but not limited to the above list. Operate according to the specific vehicle model and the actual situation.

4. Test

Test if carplay, audio and siri, etc. are working properly.

4.Test Wireless Apple Carplay Smart Box Installation Tutorial

5. Assemble Back 

Assemble components in reverse order from how you removed them.

5.Assemble back Wireless Apple Carplay Smart Box Installation Tutorial

Note: If you are not sure which device you should buy for your car, you can CONTACT US and tell us your car‘s model and its manufacture year, and attach photos of your car's control panel and display screen. We can help you choose the most suitable product based on your photos. 

If you still have any other questions, please view this FAQs Page or CONTACT US .

Installation video tutorials:


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  1. (GM Cadillac) XTS 2014


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  1. (Mercedes-Benz NTG4.0 Head Unit) C E GLK
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  4. (Mercedes-Benz NTG5.0 Head Unit) C(W205) GLC(W253) 2015-2017
  5. (Mercedes-Benz W221 Head Unit) S class (W221) 2006-2009


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Range Rover

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