If I have a SMART-BOX Auto, then how shall I to upgrade online? Only 5 steps to upgrade wireless adapter.  
If you have the issues when you use the dongle, you can upload the logs in the web page  

When the Wireless carplay works normally, don't upgrade! If you can't upgrade online, you can upgrade the firmware by USB flash drive.

There are easy to follow 5 steps to upgrade the system of wireless adapter. 

During the update process, do not operate any buttons or touch the screen. Do not move the product or power off. You will have to return it for exchange if it stopped working, so when you are updating it, please do follow the instructions strictly.

Before your upgrade, you should know that:

  • The upgrade system is only applicable to buyers who have problems using CarPlay.
  • Dongles which can work perfectly on the car are not recommended to upgrade, the original version is the best for your car.

1.The product is plugged into the usb socket on the car to power on.

2.Turn on the iPhone's Wi-Fi, click the wifi name of the product,enter the password 12345678 to connect.

3.Enter on the phone's Safari browser to view the version upgrade page.

4.Click the Update Now button to start upgrading the version.

 5.Click the Update Now button to start upgrading the version.



1.If you encounter product use problems, you can click the button in the lower right corner and select the upload log function.

2.Fill the form with your car model year and specific questions in details.

3.After you fill in the form in the web page, you'd better screenshot the interface. Then send the pic of screenshot to our SUPPORT TEAM. If there is the solution for your vehicle, our engineers may provide the firmware beta version with you.

If you can't get the screen in any more, please leave the messages in the blog directly. We will help to send them to our technology department.