Why Would You Need a Wireless Adapter in Your Vehicle?

If you are an Apple or Android phone enthusiast, it is very likely that you will use Apple CarPlay. Apple only launched CarPlay in 2016, which has brought great convenience to car owners. Most new cars are equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In the information system, the mobile phone is connected to the car's infotainment system via a cable, and several applications from your smart phone shows on your car's display, mainly to reduce drivers using of the mobile phone while driving, and you will get it easy to make a phone call, voice texted or read a message with Siri or Hi Google voice command.

Now more and more new cars on the market have joined wireless CarPlay, only a small number of vehicles have joined wireless Android Auto. If your vehicle supports wired connection, then there's a wireless car adapter, an easy plug-and-play device allowing connect CarPlay and Android Auto via Bluetooth.

For security reasons, Apple has blocked all entertainment applications, including games, and visiable applications, which just greatly reduces the entertainment of CarPlay and Android Auto. While waiting, traveling in the countryside, any leisure time, why can't you watch a movie or play games with the car?

How to upgrade in-car infotainment system?

The latest wireless adapter in 2022 is not only convert to wired to wireless, AI Box is an adapter with standalone Android system, the product has built-in YouTube, Netflix and Google play sotre, which means you can download your favorite apps on your car's screen either you are an iPhone user or an Android phone user, watch movies and play games with the original car stereo.


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