Wired or Wireless CarPlay, Which sound is better?

Wired or Wireless CarPlay, Which sound is better?

Music and navigation are the two most commonly used functions of CarPlay. Many car owners will have the following questions before converting the wired CarPlay of their car into wireless CarPlay through the "Wireless CarPlay Box": Is the sound quality of wireless CarPlay the same as wired CarPlay? Which sound is better?

The sound quality of wired carplay is better than that of wireless carplay!

Back in 2014, this year: Apple just released Carplay, and the company that owned the CarPlay Smart Box Limited was established. At the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference WWDC2016 two years later, Apple announced the difference between wired and wireless Carplay.

  • Wired connection uses LPCM encoding
  • Wireless connection uses AAC-LC encoding

What formats are LPCM and AAC-LC?

LPCM (linear pulse code modulation) is linear pulse code modulation, which is an uncompressed audio digitization technology and an uncompressed reproduction of the original sound. Wide range of applications. AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) is a file compression format specially designed for sound data. Unlike MP3, it uses a new algorithm for encoding, which is more efficient and has a higher "price ratio". Using the AAC format can make people feel that the sound quality is not significantly reduced, and it is more compact. Apple ipod and Nokia mobile phones support audio files in AAC format. AAC-LC is a derivative encoding of AAC, which is mainly used for medium and high bit rates. It is a lossy compression format. Compared with the popular lossless formats such as APE and FLAC, there is an "essential" gap in sound quality.

That's why wired CarPlay sounds better than wireless CarPlay.

In addition, the sound quality is also affected by factors such as the sound source, car audio, etc.,


Carplay audio is divided into "main audio" and "backup audio" As can be seen from the information in the figure, Carplay as the main audio supports up to 48 kHz, 16 bit, and stereo.


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