Wireless Apple Carplay on Android Head Unit


Apple recently unveiled its new CarPlay in-car interactive system at this year's Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. The new CarPlay has been further expanded in terms of functions, integrating all the screens in the car through in-depth cooperation with car brands. CarPlay's update is in line with the electrification of the automotive sector, where more and more functions will be realized through on-screen interaction. However, Apple does not provide CarPlay APK, so many owners who use Apple phones and install Android car stereo in their cars cannot install and use CarPlay through Google Play Store. Luckily, car owners can use CarPlay, even wireless CarPlay, on Android car stereo through a dongle/adapter.

Way to use CarPlay on an Android head unit

AutoKit Box is a plug and play device that allows users to use wireless CarPlay on Android Head Unit. Simply plug the Autokit into the vehicle's data port and access wireless CarPlay via Bluetooth pairing.


AutoKit Box adaptation range

Autokit Box uses aftermarket Android head unit that works with Android 4.0+. The easiest way to verify Android head unit compatibility is to install the "AutoKit.apk" app on Android head unit. Visit our AutoKit app download page and click Install Now to automatically download the autokit.apk app. If the software can be installed on Android head unit, the AutoKit Box works perfectly.

Instructions for using AutoKit Box

  • Open the AutoKit. apk app on your Android head unit
  • pulg the Autokit box into the USB port
  • Turn on bluetooth on your iPhone and get CarPlay wireless connectivity through Bluetooth pairing (keep WIFI on your iPhone)


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