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Portable Carplay Screen Dashcam D1026

Portable Carplay Screen Dashcam D1026

Support Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto, and can fit in most cars.

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Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto

The Portable Carplay Screen Dashcam does not require modification to the original unit in older cars, instead, it connects directly via the phone's wireless Bluetooth to display the Apple CarPlay or Android Auto interface, a real plug-and-play device.

The connected screen allows easy access to more intelligent features such as navigation information, voice calls, Siri assistant,  and music playback, making driving safer and more convenient. The Carplay Screen lets you enjoy the drive!


Real Ultra HD Visual Experience

The dashcam screen features a 10.26-inch HD IPS display with a resolution of 1600*600. The exquisite picture quality is equivalent to shooting a movie level, capturing every wonderful detail of the winning scenery on the journey.


Dual Videos Split Screen Display

The large touch screen display not only supports reverse image but is also equipped with dual front and rear cameras. The front 4k camera with a 3840 * 2160P high-resolution, and the rear 1080P camera pixel is 1920 * 1080P. Front and rear video can be split-screen display at the same time, double protection, guard your driving safety.


ADAS Warning Systems

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) warning systems to improve safety and help drivers avoid potential collisions and road hazards by utilizing sensors, cameras, and other technologies to monitor the vehicle's surroundings and alert the driver of potentially hazardous situations promptly.


Cross-Screen Synergy Share Phones Apps

Mobile apps can seamlessly flow freely on the screen without interruption. Mobile apps can be applied on the screen at any time while driving, providing a familiar interface.

Such coordinated sharing is then no longer limited to the small screen on the mobile, and this integration simultaneously allows safer and easier access to certain mobile apps while driving.


10.26‘’ IPS Wide Angle Full Screen

10.26 inch HD touch screen, high color gamut, pure color, long life, and more do not worry about fading and screen burning problems.

Camera shooting angle with a 90 ° rotatable adjustable design, can be adjusted by manually rotating the screw, the driver can easily adjust according to their driving habits.


Map Navigation Display

The large screen makes maps and directions more prominent and easier to read, helping drivers glance at navigation information quickly and comfortably without straining their eyes or taking their attention off the road for long periods of time.

Map Navigation provides a powerful and user-friendly navigation experience, helping drivers to make road information more accessible on the road and subsequently make informed decisions to ensure safe driving. 


Support Multimedia Player

This multimedia player built-in speaker, and when you play music the big screen can not only display the music interface while sharing the shared mobile music app account.  supports a variety of music apps online, and follows the music together to start a relaxing driving journey!


Support FM Frequency

Tune the car radio frequency to the local radio channel, and make sure the car and car frequency is the same to play music with the phone. Stable FM transmission and different sound effect options give different listening pleasures in the car.


Siri Voice Control Anytime Call

The touch screen will show the call interface when the voice control dials out, and of course, it can also realize the answer call. All call logs are automatically synced to your contacts on mobile, so you can easily and safely turn on the necessary calls while driving.


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What's in the Box?

Note: Not include TF card

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What if the dashcam has no sound?

1. Check whether the FM transmission is turned on, if it is turned on, please turn it off first.

2. Whether the system volume is turned off in the settings.

3. Whether the horn is damaged.

What is the receivable distance of Wifi transmission?

WiFi distance is about 8 meters, FM transmission is 4-5 meters.

What is the TF proportion of video files?

1. Front video and back video each account for 35%.

2. Forward emergency video and rear emergency video each account for 10%.

3. Precorded photos and post recorded photos each account for 2%.

What to do if the sound of dashcam player is low?

1. AUX wired connection between dashcam and car.

2. Tune the FM channel to match the car channel.

 No sound when Carplay/Android Auto is connected?

1. Check whether the Bluetooth of the mobile phone is connected. If it is connected, please disconnect it and try again.

2. Check whether the system volume is turned off.

Do ADAS warnings play through the speakers of the CarLog itself or through an auxiliary cable connected to the car's speakers?

ADAS warnings are played through the car recorder's own speakers.

Viewed on the computer through the card reader, the video display time is inconsistent with the actual video time, what is going on?

Replace computer system Win7 version has this problem.

If the dashcam remains on the dashboard of the car, will it deteriorate due to the heat of direct sunlight on the windscreen of the dashboard?

No, the machine is stored up to about 75°C.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Nishith K.N.
Fantastic product. Absolutely value for money.

Smooth delivery experience and very well packaged. Very fast to boot and easy to set up.. Connected to reverse light.Working as reverse camera as well. Android Auto is also very quick and responsive. It served the purpose for Wireless Android Auto, Reverse Camera and 2 channel Dashcam for my 5 years old car.

Nandishwar C.
Awesome Product for the Upgrade

The system is so good and it’s a best upgrade for my vehicle.
It makes the old and end dated system as a new one.The package was packed good, arrived without any damage in about 2 weeks of order.
Ordered it with doubt in mind but not regretting at all

Mehmet O.
Super Gerät für wenig Geld

Dieses Gerät ist für den Preis ein Schnäpchen es hat ja auch noch ein eingebautes Daschcam drin allso zwei Geräte für einen Preis.
Kann es empfehlen

Hare K.B.G.


My Wagonr LXI CNG got ADAS

Had a great experience with this portable carplay dashcam